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Bitten and beaten by bears and subsequently dragged to a hollow rock, Joshua, Severn, Seth, and Kim found themselves on their last legs, their last fingers, and knew that to survive they had but one choice. From the white bones in the cave, from the strung out sinews and the discarded hides, from the very dirt and dust of the floor and walls they forged instruments and began to play their Bear Medicine. Nothing else could soothe their wounds. Ointment of flute, elixir of piano, balm of cello, salve of six-string, shuffling pacemaker rhythms of snare and tom-toms, nightly these remedies coalesce and keep the four breathing so that their voices may sing. Should you pass the hollow rock in which they convalesce, you will hear the fusion of melancholy and mirth, the former for the shed blood, the latter for the continued life. You needn’t have been mauled by grizzly to receive the benefits of this Bear Medicine. You need only life in your lungs, knees and hips willing to be swayed.

Joshua Wright – Guitar/Vocals
Seth Murphy – Cello/Bass
Severn Edmonson – Drums/Vocals
Kim Smith – Flute/Keys/Vocals


“Shimmering, alluring and filled with a kind of hushed ambiance, it comes across like a form of ancient meditative Celtic folk music wrapped in the glow of heady Americana…it’s as hypnotic and embracing as any debut in recent memory…Consider Bear Medicine a perfect antidote for troubled times.”

“Fans of artists as varied as Comus, Led Zeppelin circa III, Kayo Dot, and Townes Van Zandt will be unable to resist the Aquarian Dream Music of this precocious and deeply psychedelic young band.”

“As self-appointed healers and shamans, this song is the salve that soothes the soul’s problems with the gentle waves of acoustics and soothing falsetto vocals that instantly charm the ear, the lyrics seem to speak the opposite, they’ve got a dark pensive tenor, that pulls you into their mind, all of this wrapped inside a beautifully simple and wonderful folk environment.”

“There’s a strange something that runs through these tracks, and to ignore this something is to miss what makes the album so distinctive. This something is not entirely earthly but neither is it extraterrestrial. It’s more about that feeling of profound mystery we feel when looking into space or considering existence beyond our own experience of it. It’s to do with our relationship with the moon and the stars before we started measuring them and visiting them and giving them numerical codes as names. It’s an album about unanswerable questions.”

“Redefining wild with a sound both progressive and primal. The visions of higher animals.”

“Unclassifiable, with lush instrumentation including flute and cello, the ten songs on The Moon Has Been All My Life unveil themselves like a time-lapse photograph, orbiting a modulated celestial sphere where beauty resides amongst the macabre”

“Beautiful soothing sounds emanate from the combination of falsetto lead vocals, acoustic guitar, cello, brushed drums, and flute that is Bear Medicine. They establish sweet healing vibes and share poignant lyrics with a tip of the dirty baseball cap to the simple psychedelic folk sounds of the late 60s. This isn’t cheap “new age” touchy feeliness. Bear Medicine is about taking what works and what’s good for you and utilizing it now for our own purposes.”

“they sound like a band that has been together since the sixties.  Sun-soaked acoustics and deft musicianship come together into a tight little EP that sounds like it’s been aging and maturing for years.”